Client Journey Mapping – May / June 2017

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Being organized does not only mean that your marketing expenses and results are tracked in a spreadsheet. Rather, some larger organizing principle is required to conceptualize the big picture of your firm’s marketing mission. One such concept is the Client Journey.

Criminal Risk Assessments
Increasingly, criminal sentencing decisions are guided in part by sophisticated computer algorithms that aim to predict, among other things, a convict’s likelihood to re-offend. Some are sounding alarms over the opacity of the so-called “risk assessments.”

Oversee your cases with Lawcus
Lawcus, a fully immersive legal case management software, tries to relieve attorneys of tedious tasks through simplicity, automation, visually intuitive layout and all-in-one functionality.

Web design conversion killers

Sexual harassment in big law

New ethics for attorney and client email communications

Securing sensitive data on your personal devices

AMD processor wars