Work At Home Lawyer Confidentiality

Insider Trading Case Highlights Work-From-Home Risks for Lawyers


The recent insider trading charge against the husband of a BP employee, who allegedly capitalized on confidential information overheard during his wife’s work-from-home scenario, casts a spotlight on the burgeoning confidentiality risks in remote work settings. Tyler Loudon, the spouse of a BP employee, faces insider trading charges in the U.S. for allegedly using confidential…

Confused robot

What ChatGPT Can’t Do as Told by ChatGPT


ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a powerful artificial intelligence language model that has revolutionized the way we interact with machines. It’s capable of generating human-like text and comprehending complex queries, making it a valuable tool for numerous applications. However, like all technologies, it’s not without its limitations. This article will explore areas where ChatGPT falls…

WordPress Plugins for Law Firms

Supercharge Your Law Firm’s Website: 5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins!


Are you looking to maximize your law firm’s website’s potential? You’re in the right place. WordPress offers a wealth of plugins that can improve your website’s functionality, from search engine optimization to online event scheduling. Here are five must-have plugins for law firms: Gravity Forms – Communication is key when it comes to your law…

Security vulnerability infected websites

WordPress Security Breach Used Vulnerabilities in Plugins in Themes


Over one million WordPress websites have been infected by a malware campaign called Balada Injector since 2017, according to cybersecurity firm GoDaddy’s Sucuri. The attackers behind the campaign use all known and recently discovered vulnerabilities in WordPress themes and plugins to breach sites. They typically play out their attacks in waves once every few weeks,…

Remote Lawyers, Mute Alexa

Why Remote Lawyers Should Mute Alexa

As we all work from home, to flatten the COVID-19 cure, we must keep all sensitive data protected. This is especially true for attorneys, judges or any other legal staff. When thinking of data and information protection, not everyone will think of Alexa or any other smart listening device.  Attorneys and other legal personnel working…

COVID-19 Remote Work Safety Tips for Law Firms

COVID-19 Remote Work Safety Tips for Law Firms

The COVID-19 virus has taken over the word. Many countries, including the United States, have implemented preventative measures. Across the nation, working people are requested to work from home whenever possible. This means that lawyers and legal staff are now working remotely. However, not all home computers or even work laptops are up-to-date on cybersecurity…

Ethical Hacking May Need to Start from Inside the Law Firm – Hiring a Hacker

Ethical Hacking May Need to Start From Inside the Law Firm – Hiring a Hacker

Most law firms deal with data breaches after the fact because many law offices are not up to date on cybersecurity. Many will only worry about cybersecurity until it is too late and their system has been breached. A loss of data leaves the law firm exposed to a loss of trust from clients and staff…

Data Access by Government or Law Enforcement a Concern for Law Firms Using the Cloud

Data Access by Government or Law Enforcement a Concern for Law Firms Using the Cloud

While storing sensitive legal documents in the cloud may be a good idea thanks to the lower costs associated with storage and flexibility, a question rises – who can access the material once it is up there. More and more law firms are consigning their documents to cloud storage. However, there are still firms that…

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