Google Map Spam

I’ve Stopped Over 100 Google Maps Spammers. You Can Too.


I do not have special powers or privileged access to Google listings, just a commitment to ensure that spammers cannot rank higher than their honest competitors in local results. If you have searched in your local market to see your ranking, you have probably come across a competitor stuffing keywords into its title and being…

Law Firms Need to Learn From 2017’s Data Breaches

How Law Firms Can Learn From 2017’s Data Breaches

Cybersecurity was a main focus for many businesses in 2017, after the massive data breach at Equifax. Preparation for cyber attacks in 2018 is now becoming a focal point to many business, including law firms. Law firms are especially vulnerable to data breaches because of the sensitive data they handle. Possessing a heavy amount of…

Data Security

How to Keep Data Secure on Devices that Leave the Office

An important issue confronting many professionals, including lawyers, is how to safeguard their personal devices, such as laptops or tablets, while they are at the office. There are certain steps that lawyers can take to secure their devices and the client data they contain in the event of a loss or theft. While the engineers…

NSA computer chip spying inside a computer

Appeals Court Upholds Wikimedia’s Case Against NSA Spying Program


A three-judge appeals panel ruled unanimously to overturn an earlier dismissal of a major lawsuit against the NSA’s internet data gathering activities. On May 23, 2017, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court dismissal in Wikimedia Foundation, et al. v. National Security Agency, et al. The suit alleges that the National Security…

Slow Load Bar - Net Neutrality

FCC Votes to Kill Net Neutrality


The Federal Communications Commission has begun the process of overturning Obama-era open internet rules. On May 18, the FCC voted 2-1 on a party line vote to start the repeal process of Title II classification to internet service providers. Republicans currently enjoy a majority on the FCC, which is operating while short two commissioners. It…

Internet Provider Cashing In On Browser History

Internet Providers Are Cashing In on Your Browser History


Since the appointment of former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai to chair the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), internet service providers (ISPs) have received a steady stream of good news from Washington. Last December, Pai indicated his desire to take a “weed whacker” to many FCC regulations. With full control off the government, Pai and congressional Republicans…

Nancy Pelosi C-SPAN

Consumers Angry Over Bill Allowing ISPs to Sell Browsing Data


Republicans in Congress faced a growing backlash after voting to repeal an FCC rule that would have prohibited Internet service providers from selling customers’ personal data such as their browsing history.

Half of Americans’ Faces Are in FBI’s Facial Recognition Program


On March 22, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing to review the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s use of facial recognition technology and other programs. Facial recognition technology uses an algorithm to analyze a subject’s facial features, such as length and width of a person’s nose, eyes and ears. Law enforcement…

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