How law firms are upgrading their practices in 2023

How Attorneys Plan to Build Bigger and Better Law Firms in 2023


With each New Year, businesses and law firms alike look for ways to improve their practice. We wanted to know what some of the nation’s top law firms were working on for 2023… so we asked them! Here’s what law firms are doing to build bigger (and better) law firms in 2023. Harnessing the Advantages…

A canary generated by OpenAI's Dall-E

What Larry, the Hairy Canary Can Teach Us About ChatGPT’s Ability to Generate Unique Content


OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot has been generating a lot of buzz. But can it generate unique content, over, and over, and over again? To find out, we created a fictional character named Larry, the Hairy Canary and asked ChatGPT to write a poem… and then another poem. And then another. Over the course of our tests…

YouTube Handles for Law Firms

Getting a Handle on YouTube Handles for Lawyers


One of the profound ways social media have shaped all our lives is by making networking and connecting convenient. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few allow you to directly communicate with someone by tagging them, with an @, followed by their name or username. As leaders in the online video-sharing space, YouTube has…

Trint AI Transcription Software for Lawyers – a Time Saver?

Trint AI Transcription Software for Lawyers – a Time Saver?


Lawyers know how much time transcription can eat up during the discovery process or in taking a deposition. Hours and days may accumulate on the task, where shortcuts are rarely an option. Written transcripts must match the spoken word.    Since veracity is key to transcriptions, an attorney needs to have as close to 100…

COVID-19 and ADA Website Compliance is Vital for Law Firms

ADA Website Compliance Is Vital for Law Firms


COVID-19 has thrown most of the legal profession online. The increased attention to online services is also bringing awareness to website accessibility.  Unfortunately, a large proportion of law firm websites are not in compliance with the guidelines outlined in the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). Many attorneys are very well-versed with the ADA, but their…

AI Data for Lawyers to Make Decisions is Doable, But May Be Biased

AI Should Help Lawyers Supplement Decisions Not Make Them

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new and rapidly developing technology. Can AI replace human decision making, based on the analysis of given information? Some pundits see this as a possible future, others are more skeptical. In short, AI is the process of machine learning. This is done by plugging in data rich information and teaching…

Using Fastcase for Your Legal Research

Using Fastcase for Your Legal Research


Fastcase’s popularity is on the rise. Is it right for your firm? For years, Westlaw and LexisNexis were the two leading online legal research tools. However, a 2017 survey of Clio users indicates the emergence of a third legal research tool. Of the respondents, 20.58 percent said Westlaw was their research tool of choice, 20.35…

Facebook’s Facial Recognition Technology – A Step Too Far Legally?

Facebook’s Facial Recognition Technology – A Step Too Far?

The rapid development of technology has brought with it changes in social interaction, workplace productivity and even the legal landscape. Facial recognition software is the next hot topic. Like all new and emerging technology, it brings with it serious ramifications, especially if misused. One only has to look at the latest trend the FaceApp that…

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