A canary generated by OpenAI's Dall-E

What Larry, the Hairy Canary Can Teach Us About ChatGPT’s Ability to Generate Unique Content


OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot has been generating a lot of buzz. But can it generate unique content, over, and over, and over again? To find out, we created a fictional character named Larry, the Hairy Canary and asked ChatGPT to write a poem… and then another poem. And then another. Over the course of our tests…

YouTube Handles for Law Firms

Getting a Handle on YouTube Handles for Lawyers


One of the profound ways social media have shaped all our lives is by making networking and connecting convenient. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few allow you to directly communicate with someone by tagging them, with an @, followed by their name or username. As leaders in the online video-sharing space, YouTube has…

Lawyer focusing on content

How Law Firm Marketing Directors Can Keep Attorneys Focused on Content


Every marketing director knows that content is an essential part of a successful law firm marketing strategy and one that requires the investment of considerable time and resources. Creating content, however, is unlikely to be top of mind for busy lawyers who are meeting with clients, arguing cases in court and tending to the demands…

Google Mobile for Search for Lawyers

How Your Law Firm Can Take Advantage of Google’s New Mobile Search Design


At Google’s annual Search On conference on September 28th, the company announced several key changes to how it displays search results on mobile. The updates reflect the growing tendency of users to “search and explore information in new ways.” Google is emphasizing visual search, with greater integration of images and videos. The popularity of Instagram…

Google Helpful Content Update

How Google’s Helpful Content Update Relates to Law Firms


According to Google Search, they’re about to launch the “Helpful Content Update.” That update starts rolling out next week after August 22nd and is likely to continue over two weeks. This is intended to make sure people surfing websites online are seeing more helpful, original content, written for people by people. The main idea here…

How to Repurpose Your Law Firm’s Webinars

How to Repurpose Your Law Firm’s Webinars

Capitalize on the success of the webinars.

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Plan for Law Firms

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Plan for Law Firms

Content guidelines with stated direction let writers, designers, and contributors know what they need to focus on.

10 Tips for Successful Video Content for Your Law Firm

10 Tips for Successful Video Content for Your Law Firm


So many interesting stories can be told in the legal field that creating great videos may be easier than you suspect.

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