Cybersecurity in 2016 – November / December 2016

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Cybrersecurity in 2016

Cybersecurity in 2016: Lessons Learned

As computers become more pervasive in our government, our businesses, and our homes, cybersecurity crises seem to arise with alarming regularity and often in unexpected places. This year alone we have seen hackers wreak havoc on a national party, a presidential election, public institutions and services, and consumer electronics.

Google AMP

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open-source initiative to make webpages load faster on mobile devices, using a stripped-down version of HTML. Google is AMPing up the mobile web, and your law firm’s marketing team should be paying attention.

What Went Right in 2016

This year has been turbulent. But in spite of challenges and the distraction of global and domestic events, many firms have seen their traffic and leads increase this year. Law firms and marketers weigh in on what went right this year.


Highlights from the search marketing space

Email etiquette and ethics in an era of constant communication

Legal tech solutions to help your firm get organized

How do relevance and authority affect search results?