Promote Your Content Effectively – January / February 2018

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January / February 2018

Promote your content effectively

Lawyers should think about promotion from the time at which they begin a piece of
content until they gain viewers.They should also understand the ways people share content. It is seldom the case that one significant share is followed by an outpouring of shares.

Get ready for Google’s mobile first indexing
For over a year, Google has warned of an upcoming fundamental change to the way it ranks websites, called “mobile-first indexing.” Websites that are not prepared could take a hit in search result rankings.

Local optimization for firms with multiple locations
More than half of consumers use the internet to look for local businesses. Therefore, having a strong online presence and being able to compete for local traffic is necessary for law firms to prosper.

Content reviews are a critical component of SEO.

How to make the most out of your press mentions.

Practice and time management apps to amplify productivity.

How often does the Supreme Court get the facts wrong?