The Science of Decision Making – July / August 2017

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The Science of Decision Making July August 2017

The Science of Decision Making

Effective legal marketing depends on understanding how and why people make choices, but many common assumptions about this process are incorrect. To build a powerful marketing strategy, learn the science of decision making.

Technology moves faster every day. Although the legal industry tends not to be an early adopter of disruptive technologies, the ways in which the internet can help you manage and grow your practice are innumerable. No one has time to explore them all, so how can you get a good return on a modest investment of your time?

At a small law firm, your attorneys might have to juggle multiple responsibilities regardless of position. Smokeball attempts to increase productivity and ease workload for small law firms that may have limited resources.

Techniques for creating effective calls to action

Negative reviews: How to respond publicly to unhappy clients

Listen to these top 10 podcast picks for attorneys

Facebook challenges gag order on free speech grounds