Top Massachusetts Court Rules Former Employee Can Sue Employer for Handicap Discrimination After Being Fired for Medical Marijuana Use

Medical Marijuana Handicap Discrimination

The Massachusetts Superior Court ruled that a woman who was fired for testing positive for marijuana usage can sue her employer for handicap discrimination. Christina Barbuto, who had a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana, which is legal in Massachusetts, was fired on her first day of work for testing positive for the drug. Barbuto alleged…

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The Supreme Court Rules That Grandparents and Other Family Members Are Exempt From Trump’s Travel Ban

Travel Ban

The Supreme Court recently ruled that grandparents and other close family members of refugees from six Muslim-majority countries can enter the United States, temporarily exempting them from President Donald Trump’s travel ban. This ruling is the latest order in the legislative battle over the travel ban since President Trump gave the executive order in January…

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Is Fake News a Free Market Problem?

Fake News

Since the 2016 presidential election, the term “fake news” has resurfaced in the vocabulary describing our current media landscape. False stories about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spread across social media leading up to the election, with over 30 million shares of stories favoring Trump and 8 million shares of stories favoring Clinton on Facebook.…

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Lawyer TV Ads: Broadcasting Your Firm Among the Static

We have all seen the lawyer television advertisements that make us wince. These commercials often use low quality production and trite language, or else have unconvincing acting and overused legal imagery. Then there are the commercials that all seem identical, as though every attorney is following the same template with a similar script and visual…

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