Is Your Law Firm’s Website Doomed to Fail?


Your law firm’s website is more than an advertisement. Your website is your next client’s first impression of your firm. It is what someone will see after their friend refers them. It is going to shine a light on your successes and deliver the revenue you need to take your firm to the next level.…

The Science of Decision Making

The Science of Decision Making


Effective legal marketing depends on understanding how and why people make choices, but many common assumptions about this process are incorrect. To build a powerful marketing strategy, learn the science of decision making. Humans vs. Econs Economists are fond of a mythical creature known as homo economicus, or “economic man.” John Stuart Mill described is…

Law Firm Marketing Client Journey Mapping

Client Journey Mapping for Law Firm Marketing


Too many law firms have a random approach to marketing: resources are applied haphazardly toward advertising or website development, and everyone hopes the phone keeps ringing. This method is obviously flawed. In order to improve, you need to know what works and what does not, and that is only possible with a systematic approach. However,…

Smart Devices

The Lights Are On, But Nobody’s Home: Are Smart Devices Ready for the Office?


The office is empty. Everyone else left hours earlier. I’m sitting in an armchair opposite my desk holding an expense report for an ad campaign. It is basic addition, but the rows are running together. I look over at the Echo Dot on the desk just outside my office. I shout “Hey Alexa.” She swirls…

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Replacing Lawyers but It Can Make Them More Efficient


Continuous developments in machine learning technology carry implications for the way firms of all sizes will manage workloads and business development. Although it has not been as widely accepted in the legal community as in other industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming recognized as a viable tool that can be used to improve the…

Cybersecurity Review

Cybersecurity Review 2016: Elections, Ransom, Botnets & Lessons Learned


As computers become more pervasive in our government, our businesses, and our homes, cybersecurity crises seem to arise with alarming regularity and often in unexpected places. In particular, networking among computers and electronics is sharply on the rise, giving hackers extraordinary power to attack, compromise and control systems from afar without ever leaving their desks.…

Lift Off: How to Produce Content that will Rise Above the Competition

Content marketing has been a hot topic for years. So much so that some marketers now argue we are approaching peak content. Peak content is the point at which people simply can’t consume all of the content — articles, social media posts, videos, ads, infographics, etc. — that is being produced. Peak content is a…

The Digital Arms Race: Apple, the FBI and a Law Against Secrets


The greater question of whether companies’ and citizens’ use of and access to strong cryptography will eventually be curtailed by the courts or by Congress still looms.

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