How Social Media Can Hurt Your Brand and Conflict With Bar Advertising Rules

The widespread attraction of social media for individuals as well as firms has the potential to both enhance and disrupt the ways people interact and firms grow.

New Enterprise Social Networks: Can they work for law firms?


Enterprise social networks are intended to foster staff cohesiveness, sharing, productivity and sensemaking within the firm’s local network.

New Targeted Approaches to Social Media Marketing

To be competitive in today’s legal environment, law firms must have an online marketing strategy.

Social Networks Unmasked

Social networking is not just social anymore and not just for techies and young people. It is about professional networking, visibility, marketing and staying current with the times. Of course, some networks are more important for professionals than others, and it can be difficult to know which ones are worth the time investment and which…

If You Aren’t Using Hashtags You are Preaching to the Choir

Law firms should use hashtags to get their message out to the widest, most relevant audience The hashtag was born out of necessity as an organizational tool. Hashtags allow users to categorize information by creating searchable tags out of words or phrases preceded by a numerical pound sign (#) without a space. The first hashtag…

Use Social Media to Build Relationships With Your Law Firm

Social media platforms do not work like law office brochures, no do they deliver leads like an attorney’s website can. Instead, the value of social media is in building relationships -– relationships that can develop into conversions and valuable referrals over time. Many attorneys forget the power of social media. Others ignore it, at their…

Looking for a Publishing Power Boost? Consider Using LinkedIn’s Long-Form Posts


LinkedIn’s publishing platform is one of the newer blogging platforms available for a law firm to maximize its exposure. Launched at the beginning of 2014, LinkedIn’s platform is designed to showcase professional interests and expertise. It is an ideal way to build authority in a particular niche like medical malpractice, personal injury, bankruptcy or family…

Udemy: A Learning Experience to Complement a Law Firm Marketing Plan


Successful marketers differentiate their products or services from any that their rivals provide — a principle as valid for law firm marketing as it is for any industry. Any marketing method that allows an attorney to stand out from other lawyers gives him or her a major leg up on the competition, and Udemy is…

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