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Law Firm Advertising on LinkedIn

Trending for 2020 – Law Firm Advertising on LinkedIn

February 14, 2020

As an active law firm that wants to keep potential and existing customers in the pipeline, will likely spend marketing dollars on Facebook advertising. This social platform is easy to use with millions of users. However, in 2020, Facebook is not the only social media platform law firms should be focusing on. Facebook and some…

Law Firm's Decision to Use Instagram

Law Firm’s Decision to Use Instagram

December 20, 2019

Most law firms do not use Instagram, and some of the firms that use Instagram do not do so effectively. According to 2019 statistics, Instagram has a billion monthly active users and 500 million daily users. Law firms can use this social media tool to gain an advantage over its competition. Law firms can build…

How Twitter and Twitter Hashtags Can Promote a Law Firm

How Twitter and Twitter Hashtags Can Promote a Law Firm

August 2, 2019

Like any other business, the law business is competitive. A law firm will gain some clients from client referrals. Advertising can be effective, but it is expensive. More and more, law firms turn to social media to reach potential clients. Many law firms use Twitter and Twitter hashtags to promote the firm. A review of…

How Facebook’s new political ad guidelines are affecting lawyer advertising

How Facebook’s New Political Ad Guidelines Are Affecting Lawyer Advertising

June 4, 2019

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal that opened the nation’s eyes to data privacy and put into perspective the power social media platforms can have in influencing a presidential election, Facebook had to make drastic changes to how its political ads were created and distributed. Facebook updated its advertising policy to reflect an updated stance on…

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Lawyers

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Lawyers

December 19, 2018

When law firms use social media, they should do so purposefully. It is important for law firms to choose the best platforms, rather than posting everywhere. Large and small firms must speak with one voice and have a consistent visual style. Attorneys responsible for posting must understand the firm’s goals. And firms must always be…

How to Use Social Media to Get More Clients for Your Law Firm

August 17, 2018

Many lawyers shudder at the prospect of building a big social media presence. They are convinced their brand will devolve into memes and cat videos if they sign up for social media. But the potential benefits of using social media are too great to ignore. Almost everyone can now be reached through a social media…

How Law Firms are Going Beyond Online Marketing

July 11, 2018

While websites and social media pervade marketing opportunities, they are not the only way. According to a We Are Social and Hootsuite Digital report, in 2016 there were 2.80 billion social media users worldwide. Approximately 37 percent of the global population participated in some way on social media last year. While marketing gurus espouse the…