Google Map Spam

I’ve Stopped Over 100 Google Maps Spammers. You Can Too.


I do not have special powers or privileged access to Google listings, just a commitment to ensure that spammers cannot rank higher than their honest competitors in local results. If you have searched in your local market to see your ranking, you have probably come across a competitor stuffing keywords into its title and being…

LinkedIn for Lawyers

LinkedIn a Connection Tool for Lawyers

Every minute, two people sign up for LinkedIn, and it is a good bet that many will need an attorney at some point in their lives. Not only that, writers and authors seeking experts to interview for stories and books flock to the site, entrepreneurs turn to it for advice and networking, and lawyers log…

Law Firm Negative Reviews

How Should Lawyers Respond to Negative Reviews Online?

Among the most significant elements of an attorney’s marketing strategy are client reviews. Research has shown that reviews may have a considerable effect on attorneys’ rankings in search results. Studies have revealed that 84 percent of consumers trust an online review as much as a referral from someone they know and 88 percent of consumers…

User Generated Content

How Law Firms are Benefiting from User Generated Content


More and more digital marketers are recognizing the value of user generated content as part of their overall marketing strategies. Paying attention to what past and potential clients are saying online can be an effective way to grow any practice. User generated content (UGC) is any type of content that is created by a company’s…

Where Every Law Firm Should be Publishing Their Content


Law firms seeking to connect with potential clients online know that publishing useful and intriguing content is indispensable. Blog posts, press releases, FAQs and articles are how firms engage and inform readers while also delivering the underlying message of their attorneys’ expertise in their field. One question that naturally arises is where to publish.

Social Networks: What are they good for?

Does your firm really need to be spending time on social media? The answer is still yes. Here’s why. Social media marketing receives a lot of hype. Set up a profile, write amazing posts, show off your wit and followers will flock to your page, share your wisdom and go forth to tell the world…

Lawyer TV Ads: Broadcasting Your Firm Among the Static

We have all seen the lawyer television advertisements that make us wince. These commercials often use low quality production and trite language, or else have unconvincing acting and overused legal imagery. Then there are the commercials that all seem identical, as though every attorney is following the same template with a similar script and visual…

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Brand and Conflict With Bar Advertising Rules

The widespread attraction of social media for individuals as well as firms has the potential to both enhance and disrupt the ways people interact and firms grow.

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