A Look Back at 2016: Marketing by the Numbers

Marketing in 2016

January 25, 2017

What is happening in search? Here is the scoop on SEO, blogging and mobile statistics for 2016.


1. Organic listings are your friend
Of the links searchers click on, 70 percent are organic results
- Search Engine Journal

2. Get to know long-tail keywords
Long searches rule: 50 percent of all search queries are four words or longer
- WordStream

3. Mobile, mobile (and again, mobile)
Mobile devices, including phones and tablets, produced 53 percent of all paid search clicks
- Merkle

4. App fatigue is real
Every month, an individual smartphone user downloads an average of roughly zero new apps
- TechCrunch

5. Search still drives purchase decisions
89 percent of consumers make purchase decisions with the help of search engines
- Outbrain


6. Blogging and SEO
Websites that have an onsite blog tend to have 434 percent more indexed pages than those without a blog
- IgniteSpot

7. Posting frequency
82% of brands that blog daily have acquired a customer using the blog
- Hubspot

Mobile & Email

8. Make email and landing pages mobile-friendly
People using mobile devices constitute about 53 percent of all email opens
- Campaign Monitor

9. Close more leads
Automated email sends have open rates approximately 70 percent higher and click-through rates 152 percent higher than “business as usual” messages
- Epsilon Email Institute

Jason Bland

Jason Bland is a regular contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine covering legal news, tech related litigation, and marketing strategies that effect highly competitive practice areas.