Attorneys: Review Case Progress Easily with Case Evaluator Tools

BY Kerrie Spencer

documents stack with blurred office in background
documents stack with blurred office in background


When you are running a busy law practice, there are a lot of details you need to organize and oversee. The days of doing everything by hand on paper are gone. Instead, modern technologies can now create time for you to get organized and cross just about everything off your to-do list every day.

One of the things you need, particularly if you spend a great deal of time in court, is the ability to evaluate your case. This is no small task. One interesting software offering that can help with this enterprise is Case Evaluator. It is relatively new on the market and there is not yet much available in terms of working attorney reviews. However, it does sound promising and may be worth a try.

Case Evaluator

Case Evaluator lets lawyers investigate experts, review court documents and assess cases. If you need to know jury or settlement trends, this app can provide you with relevant information. It also allows you to take and save excerpts from verdicts and other court documents. Of interest to medical malpractice attorneys or those whose practice involves dealing with medical witnesses, is the ability to gather medical and expert information based on specific types of cases.

This software is intended to be a one-stop, all-purpose application that helps attorneys get a handle on potential cases, work out a negotiation or settlement strategy, find out what is happening in other legal jurisdictions, uncover expert witnesses with a track record in certain kinds of cases, get relevant medical information about personal injuries, download medical illustrations to use at trial and deposition, and research case law, briefs and memoranda.

Attorneys can opt to ask for a full report or set their own search parameters based on the criteria they need for their case(s). In short, the software appears to be flexible and responsive, returning information from WestlawNext sources. And as a bonus, Case Evaluator is available for mobile.


You may recognize PacerPRO (PP) as a take off of the clunky old PACER system that many attorneys loved to hate. It has come a long way since those days. It now has the ability to offer lawyers several new methods of tracking, downloading and managing comprehensive sets of Federal Court cases and pleadings.

With this latest technological offering, attorneys no longer have to manually update case dockets. PP is accurate, fast, relatively simple, and it reduces the chance of making a potentially costly mistake that could lead to a malpractice lawsuit. PP does this by offering a user-friendly document management system directly hooking into PACER for Federal Court information. If you are mobile, you are in luck -- no more boxes of paperwork jammed into the back of your vehicle.

A PP search is easy-to-read and runs an exhaustive search of the over 750 million court records in residence on PACER - all this without once actually visiting any of the 214 separate PACER websites. Once a search is implemented, an attorney gets all they need at one time, provided they are running PP.

The most notable features of PP are its immense search capabilities. With the ability to return complete searches in relatively little time, the document management system - which uses bookmarks - automatically indexes the docket and makes it easy to immediately spot relevant changes. For mobile lawyers, PP is web-based and may be accessed anytime, anywhere and can be used off-line when web access is not available. And PP Archive searches are free.

PacerPRO may be the right tool for the right time - the 21st century with its lightening-fast access to relevant records and case information. Ultimately, the choice of what system to use in your office is up to you. It's all in how you practice the law.

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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