Personalization Improves Law Firm Website Performance

Personalization Improves Law Firm Website Performance

February 27, 2019

The old days of creating a simple website to promote a law firm’s practice are over. Now, law firms need to personalize their websites to better provide relevant content that resonates with a wide range of people. When potential clients miss relevant information or do not find the website at all, law firms lose opportunities…

Visual Cues & Microinteractions in Law Firm Web Design

Visual Cues & Microinteractions in Law Firm Web Design

February 26, 2019

Little things can have a big effect on how users navigate through a web page, and what they pay attention to or ignore. Subtle cues, like the direction subjects are looking in a picture, splashes of color, or even small arrows can be used to direct visitors to the most important parts of a page.…

Designing A Law Firm Website With SEO in Mind

Designing A Law Firm Website With SEO in Mind

February 12, 2019

Any law firm hoping to generate leads online must have a well-optimized website. Good SEO is essential to earning a top spot in organic search engine results and increasing website traffic. At the same time, once visitors arrive on a site, they should find attractive pages, intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, on-brand messaging and useful content.…

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Doomed to Fail?

January 9, 2019

Your law firm’s website is more than an advertisement. Your website is your next client’s first impression of your firm. It is what someone will see after their friend refers them. It is going to shine a light on your successes and deliver the revenue you need to take your firm to the next level.…

How to design forms that convert visitors to leads

How to Design Forms On Your Law Firm Website That Convert Visitors to Leads

December 12, 2018

What is in a form design? The answer could be the difference between a conversion and a lost lead. Forms are one of the most important elements on an attorney’s website. If your goal is lead generation, your forms must be well-designed, easy to use and easy to complete. Here are six tips for good…

Great Copy. Bad Design.

How A Great Website Design Can Help Your Law Content Shine

September 26, 2018

Don’t let bad design ruin your website copy. All lawyer websites have a story to tell about the firm. Page content should be supplemented with design that leads visitors through this story and convinces them to take action. Great content lies at the heart of every good design. Giant hero images, complex animations and brilliant…

10 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Law Firm’s Website

August 24, 2018

Picture this: Your law firm hosts an open house event at the office to attract new clients. Employees spend weeks planning the party, allotting time and money on invitations, decorations and food. The day of the event, guests are lined up outside the door. Your law firm is pleased with the turnout; after all, a…

How to Make Your Law Firm’s Website Navigation Client-Oriented

July 25, 2018

Website navigation is a small design element with an oversized responsibility. Navigation can determine whether website visitors successfully find the answers they need and whether those visitors become leads. Because of its importance, your website’s navigation should not be an afterthought. Rather, it should be the result of comprehensive organization and testing. Website navigation is…