Covid-19 Questions Your Law Firm CAN Answer

COVID-19 Questions Your Law Firm Can Answer

In the wake of the coronavirus, many people lost or may lose their jobs. Many businesses are losing money and may go out of business if they have not already. These same concerns, worries and questions that law firm are facing. Does your law firm know how to address those questions and stay relevant in…

COVID-19 and ADA Website Compliance is Vital for Law Firms

ADA Website Compliance Is Vital for Law Firms


COVID-19 has thrown most of the legal profession online. The increased attention to online services is also bringing awareness to website accessibility.  Unfortunately, a large proportion of law firm websites are not in compliance with the guidelines outlined in the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). Many attorneys are very well-versed with the ADA, but their…

Beginning of the Year Law Firm Marketing Checklist

Beginning of the Year Law Firm Marketing Checklist

Make 2020 your most profitable and productive year yet. The new decade is solidly underway, but it is not too late to plan for a productive year. If you are on the lookout for marketing and practice management tips, this guide is for you. Since it is never too late to look for ways to…

How Law Firms Can Increase Lead Conversions

How Law Firms Can Increase Lead Conversions

Most law firms invest marketing dollars into getting more traffic to their websites. However, that is only part of the equation. Law firms also need to invest money and time to converting leads. Employing a smart lead conversion strategy can translate into more actual clients and improve the firm’s bottom line. Intake process Law firm…

How a Law Firm Can Establish a Successful Niche

How Law Firms Can Establish a Successful Niche

Finding a legal niche can be a successful strategy for a group of recent law school graduates starting a law firm or an established law firm wanting to bring in more clients. The number of law firms or lawyers handling many areas of the law is shrinking. While you can still find them, the trend…

Exploring the Possibility of Crowdfunding for Lawyers

Exploring the Possibility of Crowdfunding for Lawyers

Crowdfunding, raising money for a project or cause by getting small contributions from a large number of people, continues to gain traction in the United States and globally. Entrepreneurs use it to fund projects and ventures. Crowdfunding raises money for people with medical or financial needs. The legal field has been reluctant to embrace crowdfunding due to ethical concerns that may arise.

Law Firm Client Relationship Management

Law Firm Client Relationship Management (Part Two)

How to Build Better Relationships With Clients Establishing, building and retaining relationships with clients and potential leads should be a main concern for any law firm. Numerous client relationship building and managing strategies exist. Law firms can take steps to improve their skills in client relationship management. Technology is here to help too, with various…

Big Results for Big Law Firms

Big Results for Big Law Firms

Every competitive law firm needs an effective marketing strategy for lead generation and business development. Law firm marketing plans depend on a variety of factors including the size of a firm, types of clients, practice areas and geographical location. These factors, among others, drive the approach a particular law firm adopts toward marketing efforts. Marketing…

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