How a Law Firm Can Establish a Successful Niche

How Law Firms Can Establish a Successful Niche

Finding a legal niche can be a successful strategy for a group of recent law school graduates starting a law firm or an established law firm wanting to bring in more clients. The number of law firms or lawyers handling many areas of the law is shrinking. While you can still find them, the trend…

Exploring the Possibility of Crowdfunding for Lawyers

Exploring the Possibility of Crowdfunding for Lawyers

Crowdfunding, raising money for a project or cause by getting small contributions from a large number of people, continues to gain traction in the United States and globally. Entrepreneurs use it to fund projects and ventures. Crowdfunding raises money for people with medical or financial needs. The legal field has been reluctant to embrace crowdfunding due to ethical concerns that may arise.

Law Firm Client Relationship Management

Law Firm Client Relationship Management (Part Two)

How to Build Better Relationships With Clients Establishing, building and retaining relationships with clients and potential leads should be a main concern for any law firm. Numerous client relationship building and managing strategies exist. Law firms can take steps to improve their skills in client relationship management. Technology is here to help too, with various…

Big Results for Big Law Firms

Big Results for Big Law Firms

Every competitive law firm needs an effective marketing strategy for lead generation and business development. Law firm marketing plans depend on a variety of factors including the size of a firm, types of clients, practice areas and geographical location. These factors, among others, drive the approach a particular law firm adopts toward marketing efforts. Marketing…

Does Your Firm Need a Legal Credit Card Processor?

Does Your Firm Need a Legal Credit Card Processor?


Any attorneys who wants to grow their business needs to accept online credit card payments. Many clients are able and willing to pay only by credit card, whether for payment flexibility, consumer protection or other reasons. Further, they are more likely to pay, and pay quickly, if they receive a bill they can pay online.…

Creating Your Law Firm Brand With a Podcast

Creating Your Law Firm Brand With a Podcast

When it comes to marketing your law firm, there are so many ways to get your message out there. It might be a little overwhelming when faced with the decision of where to spend your time and resources when it comes to marketing and attempting to set your law firm’s brand in your community and…

What A Law Firm Should Do to Start a Podcast

Starting a Podcast for Law Firms, an Introduction

Podcasts fit into today’s culture. People are multitaskers, and they do not have to stop what they are doing to listen to a podcast. Anyone can listen as they perform household chores, drive, exercise or relax. What’s more, people can listen to a podcast after it has been presented. A law firm can use a…

Develop Your Law Firm's Client Relationship Management (Part One)

Develop Your Law Firm’s Client Relationship Management (Part One)

Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies have steadily become integral to businesses around the world, as increased access to data has given companies the ability to analyze and manage all steps of the customer acquisition and retention process. Law firms are also coming to recognize the value of client relationship management, and how it can support…

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