Creating Your Law Firm Brand With a Podcast

BY Jim Carroll

Creating Your Law Firm Brand With a Podcast


When it comes to marketing your law firm, there are so many ways to get your message out there. It might be a little overwhelming when faced with the decision of where to spend your time and resources when it comes to marketing and attempting to set your law firm’s brand in your community and region.

One tool that you can use that has become more and more popular is creating a weekly or monthly podcast.

Here are four reasons why it is a good idea to begin podcasting in order create your law firm’s brand.

It Is Easy to Do

Creating a weekly or monthly podcast is fairly easy. Actually, you can make it as complicated or as simple as you want it. You do not need to learn how to use sophisticated software and sound equipment. It can also be as short or as long as you want it. You could create a short, simple podcast where you talk about one legal concept. On the other hand, you could talk about a new case that radically changes some aspect of the law and do a deep dive on the subject. If you feel like you need help with creating content, invite another expert on and do an “interview style” format. With regard to creating content or a “script” for the piece, there are a lot of freelance writers out there thirsty for work who could help write content for you as well.

Technology-wise, all you need is a microphone and a computer. Obviously, a fancier microphone might sound better, but you do not have to break the bank to accomplish your first podcast. Once complete, there are many platforms where your podcast can be uploaded. Libsyn is a host that will syndicate your podcast to platforms such as Stitcher and iTunes.

Building Credibility

Obviously, being seen and understood as an expert in any given area of the law will automatically grant you the veil of credibility in your industry and community. Creating a regularly scheduled podcast to discuss a certain area of law can help in accomplishing the goal building a sense of credibility around you and your law firm. Also, the podcast does not have to be a perfect performance with no errors. Sounding natural and less polished will give you a sense of being a human being and more approachable, which will again help with creating credibility. Having a live show and stumbling a bit will allow the listener to become more connected to you and more likely to contact you for hire.

Easier Than Video

If video is not an option for you due to many factors (cost being one of them), then creating a podcast is great alternative. You may be self-conscious of your appearance. If this is the case, then a podcast is a perfect way to get your message out. Also, unlike with video, a podcast lends itself to be listened to while a potential client is doing something else like driving in the car, working out or taking a long walk. With video, the listener will likely have to sit in front of a screen and be attached. A podcast format can expand your listening base by allowing the listener to do other things while listening.

Improving Your Skills

Creating a podcast will improve your skills. First, you will undoubtedly become an expert in your area of the law because you will be regularly researching and focusing on issues that arise in your specialty and spending time talking about these issues every week or every month. Second, creating a podcast on a regular basis will improve your speaking skills. Obviously, being a good lawyer, regardless of the area of law you practice, involves being able to communicate effectively. Even if you are not a trial lawyer and your practice is mostly behind a desk, you still have to communicate ideas and strategies to clients in a clear and effective way. Creating a regular podcast will help you accomplish this.

Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is a contributor for Bigger Law Firm.


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