COVID-19 Questions Your Law Firm Can Answer

BY Kerrie Spencer

Covid-19 Questions Your Law Firm CAN Answer


In the wake of the coronavirus, many people lost or may lose their jobs. Many businesses are losing money and may go out of business if they have not already. These same concerns, worries and questions that law firm are facing. Does your law firm know how to address those questions and stay relevant in the face of a pandemic?

Staying relevant in the midst of the pandemic has placed an emphasis on marketing for many law firms. While COVID-19 does present a good marketing opportunity, one of the most important things to remember is that simply using the term Coronavirus or COVID-19 in a headline or title without it being relevant to the content can backfire. That said, using COVID-19 in law firm marketing is a smart move to keep your clients and potential clients up-to-date on legal issues in these perilous and rapidly changing times.

Law firms need to closely examine what issues they needs to deal with and what issues their clients are facing. The solution to marketing during a worldwide pandemic is to focus locally and offer your unique legal perspective on various issues. This can be accomplished through many mediums, like videos, blogs and infographics. The pandemic has brought on many questions and concerns that you can provide answers for. We have included some common and relevant questions that your clients have  – you can always add your own.

  • My business may be closing. What do I need to know?
  • How am I going to pay my credit card bills?
  • How am I going to pay my rent?
  • What about my mortgage payments?
  • How do the newest mortgage deferral provisions affect me?
  • I do not quality for government help because I am a freelancer. What do I do to pay my bills?
  • How do I handle imminent bankruptcy?
  • I need to file for bankruptcy. What Chapter do I need to file under for my business?
  • How does the Coronavirus situation affect my application for a green card?
  • How does the COVID-19 virus affect my H1-B visa?
  • How does the Coronavirus affect my chances of setting up a new business in the United Sates?
  • I'm on lock down with an abusive partner. What are my legal options?
  • My kids are at my spouse's residence and he refuses to let me communicate with them during the lock down. What are my options?
  • Am I legally required to rent to someone with COVID-19?
  • Can I evict someone with COVID-19?

Instead of setting up an interactive map or a portal that leads visitors to your law firm's website for information about the virus and its spread, your clients need more information about what is relevant to them right now.

Video is a very effective marketing tool. Investing in making short, pithy videos featuring an attorney who is able to address client questions is great way for law firms to stay relevant. 

If you can fill that need for useful information your law firm is going to remain on top. Chances are potential and existing clients are going to keep the phones ringing for further advice. 

Making a COVID-19 platform to help your firm consult its clients and new visitors makes sense as an educational tool. However, it is important to remember to use information relevant to your clients and their potential legal issues. A daily deluge of COVID-19 articles exist in the media already. Your law firm does not need to repeat what is already out there. It is far more productive and effective to produce informative and educational content that addresses the concerns brogught on by your clients.

While it is good information to know what shelter-in-place orders are in effect and where, what businesses are shuttered for now, or are no longer in business, or how to shop and be safe and so forth, these issues all have legal nuances that only an attorney can provide.

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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