How Law Firms Can Reach Potential Clients With Content on LinkedIn

BY Kerrie Spencer

How Law Firms Can Reach Potential Clients With Content on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the perfect place for attorneys to create, share and post content to over 750 million professionals. The secret to garnering a following on LinkedIn is to aim your legal content at your audience. However, articles posted on LinkedIn are typically self-focused and wordy – an audience turnoff.

How can your law firm do better?

LinkedIn is a noisy place

LinkedIn is just like any other social media platform, full of people vying for attention. While it may seem like a tough place to stand out, it is not impossible.

According to digital marketers, 80 percent of social media leads come from LinkedIn. It is an excellent platform for lawyers to build their brand, put their ideas out and become thought leaders, appealing to prospective clients. This is no easy task, however. Focusing on personal branding, writing for an audience and not bragging about professional achievements, law firms can help improve their LinkedIn content and, in turn, their lead generation efforts.

LinkedIn is a prime place to create legal content that demonstrates to others that you are an expert and can help them solve whatever legal issues they may have. Sharing your legal expertise draws people in to find out more about your practice or law firm.

How to write engaging content?

Potential clients want an attorney who has demonstrated skills and knowledge to help them with their legal issues. To help potential clients see this, law firms should produce conversational, concise, and relevant content. Leave the legal jargon out, create content that is straightforward, clean and simple. Remember to stay on message and brand.

Law firms looking for LinkedIn engagement should consider the following tips on writing compelling content that reaches their intended content:

Form and substance – What and how you write matters. Use short, simple sentences, short paragraphs, bullet points to hold attention and choose engaging topics.

Be storytellers – Emotions move people. People want to discuss concepts and ideas, not to be lectured. Stories carry a point that resonates with readers.

Pay attention – LinkedIn, like all other social media, allows for instant feedback. You see if your content is "liked" right away. If your posts are getting engagement, you are doing the right thing. If not, go back to the drawing board. Pay attention to the trends in likes and comments on your posts.

Getting Started

Like with anything else, practice makes perfect. As long as your firm stays true to the points above, your engagement will grow.

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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