How to Optimize FAQ Pages

BY Kerrie Spencer

Law Firm FAQ Optimization
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages are an integral part of a website, especially for attorneys and law firms. Just like any other part of a successful website, FAQ pages need to be optimized. To best do this, here are some quick tips for FAQ optimization.

The most valuable piece of advice you can get from the professionals is to take a very close look at your customer’s experience

Hint 1: Talk to clients

If you want to find out what your client’s experiences with your law firm are, then you need speak to them. Find out what questions they have about your firm, services, retainers and experience. Speaking directly to clients will allow you to collect information that may be useful for creating FAQs. You can connect with your clients in a couple ways:

    1.Reach out to your most recent clients directly

    2.Talk to your staff. These individuals see and hear different things than the supervising attorney does and they may well be a valuable source of questions for your website.

    3.Ask your clients indirectly. This can be done through an online survey or on the phone. The questions you ask need to be open-ended. For example, ask “Did our website answer all of your questions today?” Or, you may ask “Are there any questions that you have that you were not able to find an answer to on our website?” You will also want to add enough space for the user to ask their questions.

Hint 2: Do keyword research

When constructing successful and optimized FAQ pages, lawyers need to focus on phrases that are important to potential clients searching for law firms. It is important to stay alert for long tail terms that come up in client question. To find out what your clients are most interested about, perform keyword research using tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner will allow law firms to determine which phrases are important to clients.

Hint 3: Keep FAQs updated

After compiling FAQ pages law firms need to keep the questions up-to-date and respond to trending issues. For example, if a law firm’s FAQ page contains information regarding immigration that information needs to be current and in line with any rule changes.

Hint 4: Use clear and concise langauge

When creating FAQ pages, it is important to remember to prioritize clarity over precision. Often when answering questions it is tempting to provide excessive detail. However, FAQ pages can easily become hard to follow and overly complicated. Keeping the FAQ pages simple will encourage potential clients to read through the material and engage in website.

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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