Law Firms Now Have the Option of Scheduling Stories Using Facebook Business Suite

BY Kerrie Spencer

Law Firms Now Have the Option of Scheduling Stories Using Facebook Business Suite


Facebook is making it easier to post stories and other items, such as photo albums, and adding the ability to save draft posts. Facebook Business Suite debuted last September, intending to become an all-in-one platform to manage business activities on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

The Facebook Business Suite has always been trying to be something more helpful to businesses. With the addition of scheduled stories across Instagram and Facebook, law firms can slot items to be published in advance on more than one social platform.

The Facebook Business Suite is currently used to schedule and create regular posts, but this same flexibility is now extended to stories. Law firms can create, publish and block out time to schedule a story to Instagram and Facebook by using the Facebook Business Suite on desktop and through the mobile app.

Law firms can create, schedule and publish stories to Facebook and Instagram on desktop by selecting the “Create Story” tab.

Firms can also create, schedule and publish stories on the mobile app. To do this, first, locate the “Posts & Stories” tab. From there, firms should:

• Select where you want to create or schedule a post for. (Facebook or Instagram or both)
• Next, click “Upload Media” and add a photo or video.
• Then, you can customize your story by adding text or stickers.
• On the right, you can preview how your story will look.
• Finally, click “Publish Story” to publish immediately, or choose the blue arrow and select “Schedule Story” to publish the post later.

Even More Facebook Business Suite Features

Edit Scheduled Posts

With this new feature, law firms can edit scheduled posts before they go live.

To make an edit navigate to “Scheduled Posts” and find the “Posts & Stories” tab. There you can locate the post you wish to change.

Create Manage Photo Albums

Soon law firms and other businesses will be able to manage and create new photo albums from the Facebook Business Suite. When this feature goes live, it will be accessible from the “Post & Stories” tab.

Save Drafts of Posts

Firms to create Instagram and Facebook posts and save them as drafts. To access that feature, either via mobile or desktop, create the post, then choose “Save as Draft.” It remains there until you want to work on it later.

Facebook Business Suite’s goal is to become an all-in-one place for businesses to control their social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. With the new feature, that goal is becoming a reality. These new features and improvements should prove to be a boon for law firms looking to organize and manage their social media and reach their audience effectively.

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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