FCA US LLC Agrees to Buy Back Defective 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for $169,999.99

FCA US LLC Agrees to Buy Back Defective 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for $169,999.99


SAN DIEGO, CA, December 14, 2022 (Law Firm Newswire)Jeep manufacturer FCA US LLC recently agreed to a buyback settlement totaling nearly $170,000 for the owners of a Jeep with dangerous defects.

In 2021, plaintiffs Maxwell and Veronica purchased a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for approximately $65,000. However, within two months of their purchase, the pair began experiencing a series of dangerous defects in their new vehicle.

On several occasions, the transmission failed to engage, causing the engine to race without moving. When the transmission did engage, it would jump in and out of gears without warning. At times, the engine failed to start after extended cranking.

Other problems began to appear as well. The fuel pressure sensor failed. The power control module shorted out, causing the vehicle to lose all its power. The suspension and steering components loosened, causing loud clicking, cracking, and ticking noises.

The Jeep's owners repeatedly took their Jeep to the dealership for repairs. Despite several opportunities to do so, FCA US LLC and the dealership failed to fix the problems with the Jeep - problems that substantially interfered with the Jeep's use and safety.

After just 10,000 miles, the Jeep's owners had enough. They filed a claim against FCA US LLC, seeking reimbursement for the purchase price of the defective vehicle under California's Lemon Laws.

A reimbursement or “buyback” is one remedy available to vehicle owners who can demonstrate that they received a lemon that the manufacturer hasn’t fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts. Other remedies, such as a replacement vehicle and repayment of associated costs, are also available for some plaintiffs. In this case, the Jeep’s owners worked with California Lemon Law attorneys Richard Wirtz and Jessica Underwood of Wirtz Law APC.

In collaboration with attorney Norman F. Taylor of Norman Taylor & Associates, the Jeep’s owners and the team at Wirtz Law APC settled the lemon law claim for $169,999.99. FCA additionally agreed to pay the plaintiff's reasonable attorney fees, costs, and expenses, as provided by the California Lemon Law.

Keynejad vs. FCA US LLC, case number 56-2022-00562296-CU-BC-VTA, was filed in Ventura County Superior Court of California.

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