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San Francisco, California – San Francisco-based Law Firm Newswire has just launched a groundbreaking new platform that is set to revolutionize the way law firms promote themselves to the press. Aside from new features and reporting, the new Law Firm Newswire platform can promote law firm announcements to over 500 news outlets, including local ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox Affiliates, as well as mainstream news apps like Google News.

Founded in 2010, Law Firm Newswire was the first press release and news distribution service built specifically for attorneys. Now, with the launch of their new platform, they have taken their service to a whole new level. With the help of Law Firm Newswire’s innovative platform, law firms will be able to grab headlines in mainstream press outlets and tap into a growing network of legal news sites to put their firm in front of millions of readers.

Jason Bland, the co-founder of Law Firm Newswire’s parent company, Adviatech, is excited about the launch of the new platform. He states, “I couldn’t be more excited about what we’ve built. With the power of our extensive network, law firms can now distribute their press releases to a wider audience than ever before. There is no network that combines the mainstream and legal outlets that we do. The Law Firm Newswire that we’re launching today is going to lawyers make their law firms household names, earn media exposure, and get new clients.”

Law Firm Newswire’s platform is designed to make it easy for law firms to get their news in front of the right people. With just a few clicks, law firms can submit their press releases, and Law Firm Newswire will take care of the rest. Their network includes the biggest names in news, so law firms can be sure that their press releases will be placed on major network affiliates nationwide in front of hundreds of millions of readers.

In addition, Law Firm Newswire’s platform offers distribution on Google News and Apple News as standard with every announcement. This means that law firms can be sure that their article will be featured where people get their news, ensuring maximum exposure for their brand.

Law Firm Newswire’s platform is not just about sharing legal news – it’s also about promoting a law firm’s successes and building their brand. The platform makes it easy for law firms to share peer recognition, such as awards or accolades. Law firms can also announce exciting new developments, such as opening a new office or hiring new attorneys, to make headlines and attract new clients.

Law Firm Newswire’s new platform is a game-changer for the legal industry. It offers an unparalleled level of exposure and reach for law firms, making it easier than ever to promote their successes and build their brand. With the help of Law Firm Newswire’s innovative platform, law firms can now take their marketing efforts to a whole new level and reach millions of potential clients across the nation.

Law Firm Newswire is the press release distribution service built for lawyers.

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