Morris County, $725,000 New Jersey Motorcycle Crash Settlement

Morris County, $725,000 New Jersey Motorcycle Crash Settlement


Todd J. Leonard, Esq.

Denville, NJ (Law Firm Newswire) October 31, 2022 – A Morris County man in his thirties was involved in a motorcycle crash with a young driver who turned left in front of him. The biker sustained severe internal and orthopedic injuries that required surgeries on his knee and wrist. He also sustained permanent gastrointestinal problems resulting from internal bleeding after the crash.

The defendant alleged the biker was at fault for the crash and called into question the extent and nature of his injuries. Senior litigation associate Paul G. Paravati, Esq. of the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, settled the case through mediation for a sum of $725,000.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are:
· Motor vehicles making left turns without looking;
· Sudden stops;
· Hazardous road conditions;
· Motorcycle defects;
· Riding while under the influence of drugs -street or prescription;
· Human error in determining speed or judging distance;
· Bikers riding without a license;
· Lane splitting;
· Riding while under the influence of alcohol;
· Bikers without the proper training in operating a motorcycle;
· Inexperienced riders (due to lack of safety training);
· Unsafe lane changes; and
· Speeding

Although many safe bikers pay attention to the DMV rules and other signage found on roads, accidents can still happen. Motorcycle accidents often have challenging outcomes, meaning riders can end up with severe injuries or not make it out of a crash alive. Here is what to do after a serious motorcycle accident:
· Call 911.
· Keep a helmet on to protect the neck and spine.
· If first responders say the helmet can be removed, then proceed to do so.
· Check to see if moving the motorcycle out of traffic is safe. Do this if it is physically possible.
· If a person is seriously injured, it’s best to not attempt to move the bike.
· Use a cell phone to take as many pictures of the accident scene, including traffic signs, skid marks, potholes, road conditions, and debris left on the road.
· Take pictures of the other vehicle involved in the crash, where it came to rest, what debris there may be, and what condition it is in, and look for other ground marks.
· Ask eyewitnesses who saw the car wreck if they are willing to share their contact information. This can come in handy later on when pursuing a case.
· Do not admit any liability to anyone.
· Report the accident to the insurance company as soon as possible.
· Keep all accident details to a minimum and discuss them further with an attorney.
· Connect with an experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney at the Todd J. Leonard Law firm as soon as possible.
· Do not turn down medical treatment. Refusing treatment may mean losing a chance to file a personal injury claim.

"If you were in a motorcycle crash and seriously injured, contact us at the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm immediately for legal advice and to discuss how to file a personal injury lawsuit," said Todd J. Leonard, Esq. founding partner.

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