Ostroff Godshall Attorneys Secure $7M Verdict for Delayed Cancer Diagnosis in Clarion County

Ostroff Godshall Attorneys Secure $7M Verdict for Delayed Cancer Diagnosis in Clarion County

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CLARION, Pennsylvania – A Clarion County jury has awarded $6.95 million to a man who claimed his healthcare providers caused a 13-month delay in diagnosing colorectal cancer, according to the case Delavern v. Health Services of Clarion. Attorney Richard Godshall and Christine Clarke of Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers represented the plaintiff and successfully argued that his initial misdiagnosis led to a delayed and incurable diagnosis.

After 2 weeks of trial, the jury returned the verdict within 90 minutes. The breakdown of the case’s $6.95 million verdict included $3.5 million for noneconomic damages and $2 million for loss of consortium.

The jury found the healthcare professional who misdiagnosed the plaintiff to be 20% liable, the supervising doctor 30% liable, and the practice as a whole 50% liable for the negligence. This allocation of liability underscores the importance of proper medical supervision and adherence to established protocols within healthcare facilities.

Richard Godshall, managing partner at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, emphasized the significance of this case within the medical community. He highlighted the increasing trend of lower-level healthcare providers, such as physician assistants, operating without adequate supervision, leading to preventable harm to patients.

”It’s an important case for the medical community to take a look at because these PAs are not doctors,” said Godshall. “They’re being put in a position to make decisions that their experience and training just hasn’t met yet.”

The plaintiffs argued that the 13-month delay in diagnosis allowed the cancer to progress from a curable stage to an incurable one, underscoring the severity of the misdiagnosis. Conversely, the defense contended that the plaintiff had declined further evaluation when initially offered.

Despite the defense’s assertions, the jury’s swift decision—deliberating for less than 90 minutes—reflects the strength of the plaintiff’s case and the gravity of the healthcare facility’s negligence.

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Delavern v. Health Services of Clarion
Court of Common Pleas of Clarion County
Case No. 704 CD 2022

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