Promoting Pedestrian Safety: Rothenberg Law Firm Provides Free Reflectors

Promoting Pedestrian Safety: Rothenberg Law Firm Provides Free Reflectors

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Lakewood, New Jersey – Continuing its commitment to community welfare, the Rothenberg Law Firm has partnered with Shomrim, a Lakewood citizen safety patrol organization, for the second consecutive year to distribute free reflectors to residents in Ocean County and Monmouth County. This initiative aims to combat the increasing number of pedestrian accidents in our region, which tragically sees hundreds of such incidents yearly.

The Rothenberg Law Firm’s Lakewood office inaugurated the safety reflector campaign with the presence of various law enforcement agencies and community members gathering to discuss contemporary safety issues affecting our neighborhoods.

Founded by Allen L. Rothenberg in 1969, the Rothenberg Law Firm, LLP renowned for their prowess in personal injury litigation, has recovered billions of dollars for individuals facing catastrophic injuries. Allen Rothenberg emphasized the importance of personal safety, noting: “I have never seen one client who wouldn’t give back every penny they received in a settlement if they could be restored to the condition they were in before.”

To kickstart the initiative, the Rothenberg Law Firm procured 10,000 high-quality reflectors, which they plan to distribute to ensure pedestrians’ visibility during darker winter months. Additionally, their firm’s billboard along Route 9 in Howell, NJ, encourages pedestrians to “BE SEEN, BE SAFE.”

Local law enforcement officers expressed gratitude for the initiative’s potential lifesaving impact. Jackson Police Chief Matthew Kunz stressed the importance of such partnerships in enhancing pedestrian safety.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Patrolman Stephen Meyer of the Lakewood Police Department commended the Rothenberg Law Firm for prioritizing pedestrian safety.

The sentiment was echoed by law enforcement officials like B. Murphy of the Brick Township Police Department and Sgt. Joe Fastige of the Manchester Police Department, who emphasized the campaign’s potential to prevent accidents.

The reflectors, available at the Rothenberg Law Firm’s Lakewood office, aim to increase pedestrian visibility and safety, especially during darker hours.

Pedestrians should wear the reflectors as belts they can place over coats or suits, even on brightly lit streets. If handed a reflector by law enforcement, individuals are encouraged to put it on immediately.

By promoting pedestrian safety, our community can work together to ensure the well-being of all residents.

For more information about obtaining reflectors, contact the Rothenberg Law Firm at the provided phone number or visit their website at InjuryLawyer.com.

Founded by Allen L. Rothenberg in 1969, the Rothenberg Law Firm, LLP is renowned for its prowess in personal injury litigation and has recovered billions of dollars for individuals facing catastrophic injuries over the years. The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP is a family of lawyers and legal support professionals, all dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for their clients.

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