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Indianapolis, IN (Law Firm Newswire) October 4, 2022 – Attorney Mark Nicholson publishes a book on the law for prisoners and non-prisoners.

Attorney Mark Nicholson has published a new book, “The Law: From Prison to the Street.” The book is designed to educate people about the rights of those who are incarcerated and those who are not. It covers a wide range of topics, from his background in prison to the right to remain silent, search and seizure, and other important rights.

This powerful guide is a look at what rights people have while they are in prison or on the street. His hope is that with more knowledge of the law, everyday citizens will be inspired to make change happen where they see room for improvement in our criminal justice system. Don’t miss this important book!

Mr. Nicholson hopes readers gain a better understanding of the criminal justice system and how they can work to improve it. The book can be found on Amazon.

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