Sommers Schwartz, PC Investigates Sexual Abuse Claims Against Father Gary Berthiaume

Sommers Schwartz, PC Investigates Sexual Abuse Claims Against Father Gary Berthiaume


Detroit, Michigan – Sommers Schwartz, PC, is delving into the past of Father Gary Berthiaume, bringing light to allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct committed throughout his tenure in the Detroit and Cleveland Catholic Dioceses.

In 1978, Berthiaume was charged and confessed to sexually abusing two minors in Detroit, Michigan, resulting in a six-month jail sentence by a Wayne County Circuit Court judge. Upon his release, the priest was reassigned to the Cleveland Diocese, where he is alleged to have continued his predatory behavior, abusing another minor.

Earlier this year, Berthiaume pleaded no contest to the charges of sexually abusing young boys and was consequently sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. The legal team at Sommers Schwartz, PC, is now investigating the case, offering support to potential survivors of Berthiaume’s abuse, and seeking justice for all victims involved.

The firm is calling for individuals who may have been abused by Father Berthiaume, or who may have knowledge about his abusive conduct, to come forward with their stories. Their collective voices can play a crucial role in establishing the extent of Berthiaume’s alleged illicit acts and in holding the responsible authorities accountable.

At Sommers Schwartz, attorneys Lisa Esser-Weidenfeller, Matthew Curtis, and Jay Yasso are leading the fight to support survivors of sexual abuse. The firm has an impressive track record in dealing with such high-profile cases, having recovered millions from predators such as Dr. Larry Nassar—Michigan State University and USAG team physician—and Dr. Robert Anderson, who sexually abused students, athletes, and other patients for over 35 years at the University of Michigan.

Dana Nessel – Michigan Attorney General
Report Released October 27, 2022

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