Steinberg Law Firm Spreads Holiday Cheer to Local Nursing Home Residents

Steinberg Law Firm Spreads Holiday Cheer to Local Nursing Home Residents


Summerville, South Carolina – In the spirit of togetherness that defines the holiday season, Steinberg Law Firm has taken an uplifting initiative to spread cheer among the elderly residents of a Dorchester County nursing home.

In a heartwarming display of Holiday spirit and generosity, the staff of Steinberg Law Firm, including attorneys and marketing staff member Marlo May (who spearheaded the effort), came together to spread festive cheer among 40 elderly residents, many of whom have no family.

In a gesture that truly embodies the spirit of the season, Marlo May personally wrapped dozens of gifts, ensuring each one was packed with care and affection. The initiative saw staff members and attorneys signing up to fulfill the humble wish lists of these seniors, which included simple yet meaningful items such as new socks, beanie caps, and cheese puffs. Demonstrating their commitment to leaving no one behind, the firm also purchased any gifts that were not specifically chosen by the staff.

The overwhelming response resulted in a collection so large that it took both a van and a car to deliver all the gifts. This act of giving not only brought joy to the recipients but also reflected the true spirit of the season through the collective effort of the Steinberg Law Firm team.

For over 95 years, the firm has fervently supported local organizations in the Lowcountry, focusing on those who dedicate their efforts to improving the lives of others. This spirit of giving back to the community underpins the firm’s core values, reinforcing its commitment to serve the society in which it operates.

The firm’s recent initiative to bring holiday happiness to the elderly residents of a local nursing home is a testament to its commitment to improving the lives of everyone in the community.

Steinberg Law Firm believes that their passion for helping and empowering people is what truly defines them. As they continue their journey towards community service, they hope to inspire others to join the effort, fostering a culture of shared responsibility and meaningful engagement.

The firm also encourages everyone who has a relative or friend in a nursing home to spend time with their loved ones or call them this holiday season. For many, this can be a lonely time of year and they hope to inspire others to help brighten the holiday season for their aging loved ones.

Steinberg Law Firm, with its heartening initiative, reminds us all about the true spirit of Christmas – spreading joy, love, and warmth to those around us.

The Steinberg Law Firm has been assisting victims of negligence in South Carolina since 1927 including personal injury, workers’ compensation, and car accidents. For more information, please contact the firm at 843-720-2800 or visit our website at https://www.steinberglawfirm.com/.

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