Todd J. Leonard Law Firm Secures $1,245,000 Settlement in Drunk Driving Case

Todd J. Leonard Law Firm Secures $1,245,000 Settlement in Drunk Driving Case


Morris County, New Jersey – Todd J. Leonard Law Firm of Morris County, New Jersey, is proud to announce the successful resolution of a case involving a serious drunk driving accident. Founding partner, Todd Leonard, and litigation associate Matthew Sheffield, Esq., facilitated a settlement of $1,245,000 for their client, a woman in her 30s, seriously injured by a drunk driver who fled the scene and was then apprehended a few miles away.

The client was subjected to painful back and neck injuries, underwent numerous pain management procedures and lumbar spine fusion surgery.

The settlement offers a measure of justice against the backdrop of a grave national issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety campaign, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” concluded last month, highlighting the salient issue of drunk driving.

The statistics are sobering. Every day, approximately 37 individuals lose their lives to drunk driving crashes in the U.S. In 2021 alone, 13,384 deaths were attributed to drunk driving. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that from 2009 to 2018, New Jersey witnessed 1,459 fatalities due to drunk driving.

A recent report by New Jersey State Police (NJSP) reveals that DWI/DUI drivers are the leading cause of fatal traffic crashes in the state. The 2021 data indicates that of the 697 fatalities recorded, 35.6% tested positive for alcohol. In a staggering 210 out of the recorded 667 crashes, driving under the influence was the contributing factor, resulting in 228 deaths.

New Jersey’s Dram Shop Law and Social Host Liability are two crucial legislations that can offer recourse to victims of drunk driving. These laws allow individuals injured by an intoxicated person to seek damages from the vendors who served alcohol, or the hosts of private parties.

The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm takes a stand against such reckless behavior and is unwavering in its commitment to hold negligent drivers accountable. With over 30 years of experience in handling drunk driving injury cases, the firm has recovered over $100 million for their clients.

“It is critical for anyone seriously injured or lost a loved one in a New Jersey drunk driving crash to seek immediate legal counsel. We will ensure your legal rights are fully protected,” said Todd Leonard, founder of Todd J. Leonard Law Firm. “Our firm has proven experience in protecting our clients’ rights, and making certain they receive maximum compensation for their injuries, or if they, sadly, lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident.”

This recent settlement is not just a victory for the client, but also a stark reminder of the real consequences of drunk driving. It underscores the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm’s relentless pursuit of justice, ensuring the rights of their clients are upheld and that they get the compensation they deserve.

Attorney Todd J. Leonard is a Certified Trial Lawyer with more than 30 years of experience helping personal injury victims recover the compensation they need to overcome the hurdles they face, now and in the future. The New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys at the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm take an individualized approach to every case they handle, ensuring each client gets the attention they deserve. We are a five-star rated law firm, recovering a total of more than $100 million on behalf of our clients. We will do our best to hold the negligent party(ies) fully accountable for their actions and get the justice our clients deserve.

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