ZeroRisk Cases, Inc. Now Helps Law Firms Secure Higher Settlement Awards with Signed Personal Injury Cases

ZeroRisk Cases, Inc. Now Helps Law Firms Secure Higher Settlement Awards with Signed Personal Injury Cases


Allentown, Pennsylvania – ZeroRisk Cases, Inc., a leading mass tort and personal injury client acquisition agency based in Allentown, is revolutionizing the personal injury legal industry with its latest offering: signed personal injury cases. By providing law firms with clients who have suffered serious or life-threatening injuries due to accidents caused by others, ZeroRisk Cases® is enabling these firms to secure higher settlement awards for their clients.

ZeroRisk Cases® specializes in behavioral targeting through effective advertising placement. This means that their ads are strategically placed in front of individuals who exhibit online behaviors consistent with someone who has been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle. By reaching out to these targeted individuals, ZeroRisk Cases® ensures that law firms can connect with potential claimants who are most likely to benefit from their services.

ZeroRisk Cases® uses a proven proprietary data collection procedure. Through this innovative process, the company has developed technology that allows them to mine data from third-party vendors and match leads with comprehensive accident and medical histories, diagnoses, drug prescriptions, and treatments. This exclusive system not only reduces acquisition costs but also provides law firms with high-value claimants backed by irrefutable proof of usage or exposure to certain factors related to the case.

Ed Lott, President and Managing Partner of ZeroRisk Cases, Inc., explains the significance of this breakthrough: “Our latest technology enables us to provide our law firm partners with signed personal injury cases at the bottom of the funnel—clients who have extensive evidence supporting their claims,” said Lott. “This significantly elevates the value we bring our partners while enhancing their ability to secure higher settlement awards.”

By offering higher-quality cases through its Personal Injury Cases program backed by its innovative ZeroRisk Compliance ProgramTM, ZeroRisk Cases® helps law firms maximize both revenue potential and client satisfaction.

About Zero RiskCases, Inc.

Zero RiskCases, Inc. is a reputable mass tort and personal injury client acquisition agency specializing in attracting high-quality litigants for law firms. Utilizing various popular ad platforms, from mobile marketing to voice search and digital marketing platforms, the company launches practical lead-generation campaigns that deliver measurable results. Their ZeroRisk Compliance ProgramTM is designed to reduce or eliminate lead fraud and fake leads that are becoming more prevalent in today’s legal market.

For more information about ZeroRisk Cases, Inc. and their game-changing approach to securing higher settlement awards for law firms, visit their websites at www.zeroriskcases.com and www.zerorisktorts.com .

ZeroRisk Cases, Inc. is a premier mass tort and personal injury case acquisition agency serving the legal industry. We consistently deliver high-quality, mass tort cases and personal injury claimants to attorneys nationwide utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

ZeroRisk Cases® utilizes a proprietary data collections procedure we developed. This process is the key to obtaining clients that are “at the bottom of the funnel”. This means they are claimants who have been affected by the product in question or have been seriously injured in an accident, have the desired deleterious effect, have been treated for the resulting medical condition, AND want to discuss their case with an attorney. This technology will provide the highest possible value claimants for each campaign.

If your law firm handles mass tort, class action, or single-event civil lawsuits, we can provide highly qualified clients for your firm. Contact us at marketing@zeroriskcases.com to learn about our client acquisition program.


ZeroRisk Cases, Inc.
Press Contact : Edward Lott

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