Video Blogging: Create Impact

BY Kerrie Spencer



Yes, you have the time and technology to add videos to your law firm's website. It may be easier than you think.

Video blogging is quick, effective and packs a punch for those viewing it. Most people are visual, and seeing a video and hearing what you have to say is often more powerful than plain text. Lawyers who are passionate about their work and want to reach out to their audience in new ways can easily capture people’s attention with this quick format. How the entry is created is up to your imagination and you have many options on how to distribute the finished product.

You have about five seconds to grab an individual’s attention, so focus on telling a compelling story, and ensure that the images and lighting as well as the text is cohesive. A good starting point is to get comfortable with what it takes to make a riveting video blog. Overall, you want to keep the video blog at a maximum of three minutes.

Use your authoritative voice and zero in on the points that matter most. Some law firms will want to write their own scripts and do the video blogging in-house. Others will want to hire a professional videographer and utilize the videos for other purposes too. It is also smart to think about how the video blog can go beyond your website and email, and get in front of many people through YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Plus, you can apply to iTunes to have your video blog listed in their podcast directory.

Depending on your firm’s preference to produce video blogs, you can at least get started with the basic tools. Luckily the tools to create videos and enhance them in post production are readily available and reasonably priced. The chart below lists the tools that are essential to video blogging.


Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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