What Makes A Good Quality Link?

BY Kerrie Spencer

What Makes A Good Quality Link?


Linking in articles, blogs and other items on your law firm's website might seem easy. However, there are some things to consider, with the top one being whether the link you are using is a high-quality one.

So, what makes a high-quality link? The three factors that make up high-quality links are relevancy, authority and diversity.

Link Relevance

Page Relevance
The first thing to consider is are your website pages pertinent to your audience. The main point to consider for law firms is who is your target audience. What types of pages would be interesting to them? What questions are people searching for a lawyer asking? What kind of articles would people seeking legal help require? The answers to these questions outline your page's relevance.

For example, your firm specializes in divorce law, and you get a link from a family counseling group that can help mediate custody agreements. This type of link from the family counseling group can bring a lot of attention to your website. Your firm should always be thinking about what kind of content would interest the most significant section of your audience and look out for supporting links.

Topical Relevance
What you offer on your website in terms of content is essential to relevance. The content you produce and publish should be geared toward your target audience. After all, it is that content that will get you the links.

For example, your divorce law firm creates a blog post about custody agreements in your state. With the item, you also post a link to a family counseling group to help mediate custody agreements. That link provides the law firm website visitor with a glimpse of your services, offers them items that interest them and answers their questions.

The links your users can take can provide them with more information. This is an excellent approach to boosting traffic but use it wisely. Make sure any links you use are relevant to the articles you posted. Most of the content on your website, and the links, should be as close as possible to what services you offer, and therefore relevant to your target audience. This way, you get more than links; you get your brand out there to the people who could be your future clients.

Link Diversity

Diversity refers to what your link profile looks like. Do your links fit your business profile, and are they high quality?

Existing vs. New Links
Your law firm website likely already has numerous links from different domains. You probably have multiple links from the same domain. While that is not bad, it is beneficial to have a diverse link profile of high-quality links. Your firm should be thinking about obtaining new links all the time. Diversity is critical as it demonstrates to Google that your law firm site is a quality website worth linking to. When targeting new links, always look for ones that you do not already have. Examine the links that your competitors do not have.

The Types of Links
It is crucial to examine the types of pages that are linking to your website. Is it a news website? A blog? A forum? Whatever you link to, ensure there is diversity here too. You do not only want to link to forums. Try not to limit your firm's links to the same sites over and over. When building out your links, do not limit yourself. Remember that diversity in links increases your site's credibility in Google.

Link Positioning
Where a link appears on your law firm's pages is an important factor. Generally, a link in the body of an article or blog is far more valuable than a link that may be in a website footer. You want links that call the attention of site visitors and bring potential conversions to your law firm's website.

Link Authority

The quality of links is critical. Can these links stand on their own? What and who is your firm's website linking to. Think about it this way strong links pass some of their strength to your site. Strong, authoritative links will directly influence your law firm's Google rankings and organic search results.

Ultimately a link is a good one if it is a combination of authority, relevancy and diversity. When expanding your link presence, remember that a combination of these three factors means the most.

Maintaining Sustainable Links

Thinking about the long-term, your law firm should always prioritize quality over quantity. It is always about the quality of your material and presence. Never compromise.

Keep in mind that links mean different things to different sites and affect websites in different ways. Always strive for the best quality and relevant links.

Make your firm's website link-worthy. Do not get every single link, only obtain quality links. Allow people to link to your website naturally. You get good links by having good links. If you are offering a good product, have a quality website and provide excellent service you will see links coming in.

Keep a sharp eye on what is needed to remain relevant in your links and stay that way.

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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