Google’s Core Algorithm Updates Rolling Out to Confusion

BY Kerrie Spencer

Google's Core Algorithm Updates Rolling Out to Confusion


When up is down and down is up with Google, it is pretty much guaranteed there is another core algorithm update in the works. While the updates may be needed, sites are losing their rankings due to the July 2021 core update.

Core algorithm updates are not new. Google releases, on average, one update a year. The upgrades are designed to improve the search algorithm and user experience. However, due to a lack of adequate information, panic ensues every time an update rolls out.

This latest rollout started in June 2021. It was only part one, and part two was scheduled for July 2021. Google did not include much information on what these updates were changing in detail.

Google stated there was nothing to worry about. The updates were aimed at increasing the overall relevancy of search results. It sounded reassuring, but businesses started to see ups and downs in traffic with the release of the core update. Google's Martin Split said some people might not see much of a shift but that others would see substantial changes.

What's Up With This Newest Update?

Two words apply to what is up with this latest Google core update: "Who knows?" and that is because there are few to no details to consider. While Google said there might be losses and gains, they also said they might be reversed but did not say how that would happen.

Currently, there is feedback about some changes showing up in Google tools concerning organic traffic, but the sources are not clear. The latest core update rolled out July 1, 2021, right before a major holiday. The rollout continues with thousands of webmasters, website owners and users waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In the meantime, it is best to deal with what you know. Focus on making your law firm's website the best user experience possible. Ensure the site loads quickly. Create relevant and fresh content, optimize old content, or replace it to aim at those who may require legal representation. Put another way, laser focus on the firm's website's substance (content and load speed).

Updates Rolling Out - Dates

The second Google core update started rolling out July 1, 2021, and takes about two weeks to conclude. It may be done rolling out by the time you read this article.

It has been a busy time for Google. The past three months have seen multiple updates. These include product review updates; a core update on June 2; a page experience update in mid-June and extending into August 2021; two spam updates (one started June 23 and the other June 28); and the July core update.

With so many updates and changes, business owners and SEOs have seen many hits to rankings, both good and bad. Like all others, law firms should closely watch their website rankings and analytics for at least two weeks to see how they are affected.

The most challenging thing your law firm is going to deal with is just what caused any changes to your website rankings and how to salvage those rankings. Consider what options you may have but wait until the updates are done rolling out to get a good sense of what happened before making any changes.

The July 1, 2021, core update, while rapidly setting off some minor earthquakes, was not as big as the June update.

What To Do If Your Law Firm's Ranking Declined

If you find that your law firm's ranking has dropped after the algorithm updates, do not panic just yet. A negative ranking may not mean anything is wrong with your page. To help you alleviate your worry, you can learn more by reading Search Engine Land's article here.

Core updates are a source of consternation for all business owners. If your law firm was hit, stand back, do your research to determine why it was hit, revamp content, remove content, update content, make the site easy to read, improve page load speed, and make your site user-friendly.

Kerrie Spencer

Kerrie Spencer is a staff contributor to Bigger Law Firm Magazine.


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